Project Description

paintings & collages

The beginning of my journey in Australia, started with experiencing the dramatic Wet Season in the ‘Top End’, when everything is bursting with life and the sky plays lightning shows at night bringing sudden downpours of warm monsoonal rains during the day. This drama of nature, so very different from my tame European experiences, has continued to influence my painting and collage work, the source of my avenues in textiles and mosaic. Travelling to remote parts of the Kimberley, extended my knowledge of these ‘new’ seasons to me. I watched in amazement at the bright green shoots that pushed through after traditional ‘burning off’ of the country.

Originally trained by her father, Bernard Andrews, a Royal Academy of London painter, Janie learnt techniques in watercolour, acrylics, pastel and oil. Janie continued her training at Art Colleges in the UK, learning printmaking techniques, mixed media and collage. Janie also learnt Scenic Painting, scaling up her artworks to become large stage design backdrops and theatre sets. Janie continues to use these design skills today to produce large scale murals in paint and mosaic commissions.

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