Project Description

art in community

Janie loves to share her passion to make artwork with other people. Her knowledge of project management and facilitation in art, design, textiles and ceramics, have led to the creation of many highly professional completed artworks for a range of contexts: from coordinating production and publication of a Dreaming story book with a remote community in the Kimberley to designing and creating large scale permanent mosaics and murals for many public settings, both in Australia and the UK. Projects, programs and residencies are designed specifically for each community context.

‘Attending a workshop with Janie is more than a craft experience… She sees peoples potentials and guides them in a direction that honours their specific style.’

As well as TEXTILE and SCULPTURAL WORKS, Janie has facilitated and run arts projects in MOSAICS for adults and children through Artist in Schools residencies training programs throughout the NT, Kimberley and in the UK.

Projects and Programs are designed specifically for each community context

AIS Quote:
“ By working with Janie, parents, teachers and the local community all learnt the value of building and nurturing relationships between the school and community, honing their artistic skills and exercising their imaginations”