Project Description

janie andrews crocodile pole detail

‘Crocodile pole’ detail.
One of six metal poles  that were bejewelled with hand made mosaic tiles.  Ooloo Sandbar .
Commissioned by Territory Wildlife Park, N.T

For this commission, Janie has created glittering mosaic artworks for two sites at TWP. These contain handmade ceramic details that reflect the flora and fauna of each site.  As part of the commission, Janie designed and fabricated a giant crocodile using hand glazed ceramic tiles for one of the 3m poles at Oolloo Sandbar.
Integral to this commission, has been the emphasis on sharing the creation of the artworks to create a sense of community ownership in the project. To achieve this goal, Janie devised and led ceramic workshops for children and adults from Darwin and Batchelor as well as staff at the TWP to create details for the poles at Oolloo Sandbar and the Two Tunnels outside the Nocturnal House. Janie then had the enormous task of firing these clay details of birds, fish, reptiles and mammals and then creating a design that would work on each of the six 2m and 3m poles. Finally, after 3 months of workshops and fabricating the entire artworks by hand piece by piece in the studio, Janie installed the mosaics.

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