Project Description


Since 1999, Janie has created site-specific mosaic artworks for public and private settings in the UK and in Australia. Whilst the majority of Janie’s mosaics have been with tiles and handmade ceramic details, mosaics have been made in other appropriate materials such as slate and brickwork.
The handmade tile pieces create a totally unique feature to the tile mosaics. Clay is cut out or moulded with 3D relief work, then painted with ceramic underglazes. The work is then glazed and fired in the kiln. The completed details are then assembled into a mosaic with surrounding tiles. For wall mounted artworks, an eclectic mix of media can be used for the surrounding tiles such as glass and ceramic tiles and baubles.

‘After loading up the clay, travelling hours initially by car to the remote community where my mosaic project was held, the artwork on the clay tiles was ready to complete in Darwin. The Wet Season had kicked in by then, so flying was the only option. I had to ask the pilot of our small 4 seater plane to make the softest landing so that none of the hand painted tiles didn’t break………and he did!’


Process of Commissions

Mosaic Commissions

Janie produces bespoke mosaics for private individuals, public artworks and commercial organisations, schools and communities.

Janie enjoys the process of the artwork evolving, from the initial consultation and design stage, through to the production of ceramic details.

In school and community commissions, Janie believes it is important to reveal the process of producing high quality completed artworks. The process of creating the work and the end result are both important.

The process for commissioning a site specific mosaic is as follows: –

  • Initial consultation
  • Submission of designs
  • Option of fabrication of ceramic tile details by client organization (school, community, individuals)
  • Building of the mosaic (off site in the studio or on site if in school/community residency)
  • Installation of the final piece.

Contact Janie to discuss various options. There is flexibility in the price on school and community commissions.

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