the magic carpet


mosaics janie andrews the magic carpet ‘The Magic Carpet’
Hand made stoneware ceramic tiles. Created with ceramic artist, Mia Andrews

Paving mosaic created for the new adult learning centre CALAT builng in New Addington, London Borough of Croydon, UK.
Artwork commissioned under the UK Percent for Art scheme for new buildings. see other mosaic artworks […]

crocodile pole – detail


mosaics janie andrews crocodile pole detail ‘Crocodile pole’ detail.
One of six metal poles  that were bejewelled with hand made mosaic tiles.  Ooloo Sandbar .
Commissioned by Territory Wildlife Park, N.T

For this commission, Janie has created glittering mosaic artworks for two sites at TWP. These contain handmade ceramic details that reflect the flora and fauna of each site.  As […]

kurrkabal djang


mosaics Janie Andres Kurrkabal Djang ‘Kurrkabal Djang’ (Long Tom Dreaming)
Handmade stoneware ceramic tiles, slate and pebbles.

Paving mosaic designed and fabricated with artists from Injalak Arts Centre, Gunbalanya, N.T. This important design of the dreaming for Injalak Hill, now welcomes visitors as they enter the Art Centre.
Mosaic Training project funded by IRP/Dept. of Business, NT Government.
Check out the mosaic […]

magical bird


mosaics janie andrews magical bird ‘Magical Bird’
Wall Art. Handmade mosaic panel using slumped glass and hand painted ceramic tile details on fibre cement board.
Private Collection see other mosaic artworks

Contact Janie if you would like further info on the mosaic artworks or a specially commissioned piece.

two snakes


mosaics Janie Andrews two snakes ‘Two Snakes’
Made from local Kununurra slate.

One of four 2 metre circular paving mosaics created for the pedestrian and cycle pathway in Lakeside, Kununurra, W.A. Input from students at Kununurra High School as part of design process.
Commissioned by the Shire Wyndham and East Kimberley, WA. see other mosaic artworks […]

ngalgod waterlilies


mosaics janie andrews ‘Ngalgod Waterlilies’ ‘Ngalgod Waterlilies’
Brickwork and tile detail mosaic.

One of four paving mosaic panels created as part of the Rainbow Serpent pathway that winds around the outside of Injalak Arts Centre, Gunbalanya, N.T. Designed and fabricated with artists from Injalak Arts as part of a training project funded by IRP/Dept. of Business, NT Government. […]

green tree frog


mosaics Janie Andrews green tree frog ‘Green Tree Frog’
Ceramic and glass mosaic.

Wall mural created for the front wall of Middle Point School, incorporating the school’s logo, the green tree frog. Students from the school each made a waterlily mosaic to surround the frog. As a result of this commission, Janie was commissioned to create further upgrades within the […]

learning for life


mosaics Janie Andrews Henbury School mosaic ‘Learning For Life’
Hand made tile details and ceramic tiles mounted onto fibre cement board

8 metre length external wall mosaic created with students with special needs at Henbury School, Darwin, N.T and artist Sarah Body. Funded by Arts NT and N.T Dept. of Education, Artist in Schools Projects. see other […]