magpie goose sculpture


textile artworks Janie Andres magpie Goose Sculpture ‘Magpie Goose’ sculpture
 upcycled materials, wire, coloured wool and beads.
25cm x 17cm x 40cm
Private collection

These creatures evolve with an incredibly distinct expression. The position of the armature, then bound with wadding and fabric and finally feathers and beads, is a process that almost creates itself. A distinct character is always arriving unexpectedly […]

floating water sirens


textile artworks

Janie Andrews Floating Water Sirens

‘Floating water sirens’
screen print on cotton
Private Collection

One of several fabric designs screen printed by hand by Janie in her studio. Images are repeated and overlaid several times using several small screens. Each length is completely different and unique because of this process.
Repeat prints of this series are available and many other […]

fruit bat soft sculpture


textile artworks Janie Andrews Fruit bat ‘Fruit Bat’ soft sculpture
upcycled materials, polyester filling, coloured wool and buttons.(wingspan) w.74cm x l.50cm x d.7cm
Private collection

These special mythical creatures were highlighted to me whilst staying in a remote community in Arnhem Land. Each morning, before first light appeared, they would create a huge cacophony of screeching and chattering as they woke […]

mermaid soft sculpture


textile artworks janie andrews mermaid soft sculpture Mermaid soft sculpture
Hand painted cotton and silk, polyester filling, embellishments.

The Northern coastline of Australia is cloaked by the Arafura Sea, a sea that carries many stories of mythical beings rising from and crossing neighbouring islands. One such being is the mermaid, an image that holds a special connection in many cultures. […]



textile artworks Janie Andrews Owl ‘Owl’ detail from soft sculpture
Natural dye techniques combined with hand painting with fabric paints
60cm x 30cm x 30cm
Private Collection

A series of these owls emerged whilst working remotely in the Kimberley. Owls hold a special spirit connection of wisdom and hold many stories again across cultures. The process of using natural dyes, waiting several […]