starry starry night


art in community janie andrews starry night ‘Rock’ detail from ‘Starry Starry Night’
Mosaic panel by community participant, Katherine , N.T.

This large mural is located on one of the external walls of the Catholic Care building in Katherine, N.T. Janie was invited to return to the town after a previously successful project with Katherine Regional Arts. The artwork for […]

silk banners


art in community janie andrews TEGS silk banners ‘Silk Banners’

An Artist-in-Residence project touring 15 remote schools in the Top End of Australia. The project involved driving long distances or flying in small planes to get to each school. The students worked on the theme of drugs awareness with their teachers before Janie arrived.  Each banner was designed and […]

kurrkabal djang


art in community janie andrews kurkabal djang ‘Kurrkabal Djang’ (Long Tom Dreaming)
Injalak Arts Entrance mosaic.
With artists, Sylvia Badari and Selina Nadjowh. Injalak Arts Gunbalanya, Arnhem Land.

Paving mosaic designed and fabricated with artists from Injalak Arts Centre, Gunbalanya, N.T. This important design of the dreaming for Injalak Hill, now welcomes visitors as they enter the Art Centre.
Mosaic Training project […]

bush foods


art in community

Priscilla & Selina with fridge Priscilla Badari and Selina Nadjowh with their award winning fridge design, Darwin Fridge Festival 2014 ‘Bush Foods’
Fabrics designed and printed by Priscilla Badari, Selina and Lynne Nadjowh. from Injalak Arts.

The fabric was selected to cover a fridge and entered for the annual Darwin Fridge Festival. This subsequently became Winner of 2014 […]

we collect together and we teach little ones


art in community

Madeline Dirrdi Madeline Dirrdi ‘We collect together’ and ‘We teach little ones’
Detail from ceramic frieze. This panel made by Madeline Dirrdi

Madeline Dirrdi painting ceramic details based on her original illustrations from the recently published ‘Duwa and Yirridjdja’ baby board book. Gunbalanya, N.T. This ceramic version became one of several panels for a frieze installed in the […]